What Are Some Of The Ways You Can Use Heavy Duty Wire Mesh In Your Factory?

If you have never purchased large rolls of heavy duty wire mesh, you might not be aware of just how versatile this mesh can actually be. This is especially true if you run a factory or some other industrial-grade facility. These are just some of the different ways that you can use heavy duty wire mesh in a facility like yours, and once you see just how versatile this material can be, you will likely come up with other ways that you can use it, too.

Sifting During Manufacturing

Depending on the type of manufacturing that you do in your facility, you might need to sift things. For example, you might need to sift large pieces out of sandy materials. Using the right heavy duty wire mesh can make it possible for you to handle all sorts of sifting and straining jobs. After all, if you choose a heavy duty mesh, it should be strong enough to maintain its shape during the sifting process. Of course, you will need to look at the sizing of the openings in the wire mesh; when using it for sifting purposes, you'll need to find wire mesh that has smaller openings. Since there are many different types of wire mesh that you can purchase, finding wire mesh that is ideal for the sifting that you need to do should be easy.

Creating Barriers

Heavy duty wire mesh can actually be used to create barriers in and around your facility. When attached to posts, it can be used for fencing. This can be useful outdoors for security and more. Both indoors and outdoors, you can create a barrier or fence with heavy duty wire mesh that can be used around equipment or machinery. This can be a good idea to prevent employees and others from coming in contact with potentially dangerous equipment, and it can also help protect your expensive and important equipment from being hit by a forklift, vandalized, or accidentally damaged.

Providing Ventilation

As you probably know, ventilation is very important in many manufacturing facilities, especially if you use a lot of harsh chemicals or if there is a lot of dust in the air. You can use heavy duty wire mesh over windows and openings to provide ample ventilation for you and your employees, all without leaving actual open spaces.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can use heavy duty wire mesh in your factory. If you purchase a couple of large rolls of different types of wire mesh, it's likely you'll find plenty of things to use it for.