Why Should You Choose Laser Cutting When You Have Metal Pieces Fabricated?

There are a number of ways to cut metal in an fabrication shop, like J&E Metal Fabricators. Pressing, saw cutting and other methods all have their place depending on your budget and needs, but if you have never used laser cutting for your metal pieces, it might be time for you to consider it. Here are some of the reasons why.

Work is Done More Quickly

One of the best reasons to use laser cutting is that this method can have your work done more quickly. The laser can be programmed to move at a particular pace and allows a higher feed rate than other methods.

Changes Can Be Made More Easily

If you change your mind about the shape of your metal pieces after you've submitted your plans and the fabrication shop is not using laser cutting to make the pieces, you're going to be stuck with the old design and will have to pay for the entire order. 

However, with laser cutting, changes can be made more easily and inexpensively. Typically, the laser cutting machine is synchronized with design software, so that there is no guesswork about what needs to be done to create your pieces; if you want to make changes, you can stop the machine, upload the new design and complete your order with the new, updated design. You won't have to pay for an entire order that you no longer want, only the pieces that are completed.

Less Need for Additional Finishing Steps

Because laser cutting doesn't damage the metal in any way with burring or striations due to the pressure put on the metal by pressing or stamping it, your finished pieces are likely to come out looking better than if cut by other methods. Not only that, but the edges are more cleanly done with this method. As a result, you may not even need additional finishing techniques to end up with attractive, finished-looking pieces.

Better for Large Volume Orders

Because there is no concern that a laser will dull after a while and cut irregularly, laser cutting might be your preference when you have large volume orders. You can be reasonably confident that every single piece will have the same clean edges and finished appearance.

You should be better able to understand why you might want to have your metal pieces laser cut when you have them fabricated. Talk more with your fabrication shop about how laser cutting might be the best choice for you