Helpful Information About Hydraulic Hose Damage & Pig’s Tail Wraps

Does the hydraulic hose on your backhoe look damaged and you are about to buy a new one? There are various things that can lead to a hydraulic hose getting damaged, especially if it is not protected with something like a pig's tail wrap. Find out in this article what you should know about damage to a hydraulic hose and keeping it protected.

How Does the Hydraulic Hose Get Damaged?

The fastest way for the hydraulic hose on a backhoe to get damaged is when it is exposed to outside elements on a regular basis. For instance, if you keep your backhoe outside instead of in a storage building, the hose can be subjected to a large amount of sunlight. Due to the heat that is created by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, it causes the hydraulic hose to become excessively hot. After being in the heat too long, the hose can eventually start to harden. The hose is constructed out of rubber, which is why it can harden up in excessive heat.

Exposing the hydraulic hose on your backhoe to an excessive amount of cold air can also cause the hose to deteriorate. However, a moderate amount of cool air is able to keep the hydraulic hose in a good condition, which is how it should be stored. You might also notice that blisters and cracks in a damaged hydraulic hose. It is a good idea to replace the hose if it is blistered, cracked and hard. However, make sure that you invest in a pig's tail wrap for the replacement hydraulic hose so it will remain durable longer than the last hose.

What is a Pig's Tail Wrap?

A pig's tail wrap is a protective device that can be placed over the hydraulic hose on your backhoe. Basically, the pig's tail wrap can protect the hydraulic hose from getting damaged from outside elements. The main thing that the wrap will protect the hydraulic hose from is the excessive amount of heat that comes from ultraviolet radiation exposure. A pig's tail wrap is actually resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which can keep the hydraulic hose durable while the backhoe is stored outside.

Another reason a pig's tail wrap is beneficial is because it is resistant to extreme cold temperatures. There are also pig's tail wraps that are resistant to fire. Replace the hydraulic hose on your backhoe and cover it with a pig's tail wrap as soon as possible.

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